John Hofstetter

I’m a graphic designer and developer based in Manchester, New Hampshire

I started my design career in San Diego in the late 90’s working for Hollis Design. I learned from the best. The lessons I learned in those early days still resonate with me today. I learned the power of a strong brand and a love for typography.

I have a passion for music and I quickly found that design was my best way to get involved in the music industry. While I have a love for music, I don’t have the ability to create music. I started designing for the band Convoy. Convoy was a young San Diego alt country band. Convoy morphed into the band Louis XIV and through them I was able to network into designing for more bands and record labels.

I moved to New Hampshire in 2000 and worked at Cahoots Design in Boston for the next 10 years. Since then I’ve worked for various design and web companies in New Hampshire as well as cultivating a robust freelance career.

These days I reside in Manchester, NH with my wife Becky and son Leon. We love Manchester. I’ve been able to design for some amazing Manchester businesses including Campo Enoteca, Republic Cafe, Woodstacker Beer Company, Diz’s Cafe, and Republic Brewing Company. I’m excited to be a part of the growth of New Hampshire’s Queen City.

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