Black Licorice

After years of hard work, Convoy was finally signed by a small record label called Hybrid. By this point, the band had gone through some changes—gone was most of the twang and precious songs from the Pineapple Recording Sessions. Hybrid had their designer work on the CD, but for whatever reason they weren’t getting it right for Jason. I was a bummed that they hadn’t had me design the album from the get-go, but looking back at what I had done on the Pineapple Recording Sessions design, I don’t blame the label for bringing in their own designer. However, I was eventually brought in to save the day.

The final design is a bit of a mash-up of my own design and theirs. I created the cover and some of the inside spreads. It’s a bit of a mess, but you can see I was growing as a designer. Beck had just put out his album Mutations, and I was in love with the silver ink they used and how it showed through the photo of Beck and replaced his skin tone. I wanted to do the same here. It worked great. I collaborated with Joe Augustine at Hybrid who got back in touch with me many years later. He now manages composer Bear McCreary and has me designing for him. If there was a family tree of my design contacts, almost all things would lead back to Convoy.

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