Pineapple Recording Sessions

Pineapple Recording Sessions was the first CD I ever designed. I was a very young designer at this point, a mere 21 years old, and it shows in this simple and sloppy cover. The type treatments aren’t very sophisticated, but It is an important design for me. We worked on this for about 2 years, and I jumped in head first. For better or worse, Convoy tended to overthink everything, from recording to the design. I learned a lot about patience and compromise while pulling this together. We started this project while I still lived in San Diego and finished up after I moved to New Hampshire. We had done a few photo shoots for the album at the ranch in Jamul. I had enlisted a great photographer friend, Christiane Covington to shoot the photos for the album. She ended up capturing the wonderful cover photo. Truthfully, my type treatment sucks. It’s a bummer. The photo is so good though. It captured the vibe we were going for so perfectly—band that was trying so hard to be perfect, but couldn’t help but get their shirt dirty. Sometimes you need to be a little sloppy to be true to yourself.

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