Client Case Study

The Nervous Wreckords

Brian Karscig is the founder and frontman of The Nervous Wreckords.

He was a founding member of Convoy and later Louis XIV. After the split of Louis XIV he began a solo career. Self releasing a few albums over the years and touring internationally with the Killers. I've been lucky enough to design most of The Nervous Wreckords releases.

The Nervous Wreckord Logo

Using a painting done of Brian by Jimmy Ovadia and some text written by Brian I pulled together this logo for the Nervous Wreckords. It was visually similar to the Louis XIV logo I had done years earlier.

The Nervous Wreckord Pt. 1

When Brian asked me to design the artwork for The Nervous Wrekcord Pt. 1 he didn't have much for me to work with but this great straight on portrait with his signature beard and hat. I had recently been playing with some photoshop watercolor brushes and thought this would be a good project to try them out. It worked out great. One of my favorite covers I've done.

Let Them All Talk

On this release I worked with some amazing photos from Kevin and Rebecca Joelson. I love this album.

Valuminium and the Nailbighter EP

The first few designs I did for The Nervous Wreckords. The design for Valuminium was meant to look like a generic pill bottle. Followed along nicely with Brians' sense of humor nicely.