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Louis XIV

Louis XIV was an alternative rock band from San Diego that was popular in the early 2000s.

I met the band members when they operated under the name Convoy in the late 90s. I became great friends with the guys and designed the majority of their artwork.

Jason Hill and Brian Karscig were the creative musical force behind Louis. We would chat for hours about the approach we wanted to take with the band’s art. Since the music was reminiscent of 70s style glam rock, we would talk extensively about the artwork of bands like Roxy Music and Rolling Stones. I loved the style of vintage Blue Note records. I tried to give everything I designed for Louis XIV a vintage rock-meets-jazz vibe.

Since I was present for the genesis of Louis XIV, it gave me a chance to develop their full brand experience. When Louis signed with Atlantic Records, it opened up the floodgates of all new design opportunities. In addition to logos and album art, I created magazine ads, tour posters, backstage passes, calendars, websites, apparel, and more.

Unfortunately, the band eventually called it quits. They split into two new bands: The Nervous Wreckords (Brian Karscig) and Vicky Cryer (Jason Hill).

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